T4R - Sort Mark

Flexible Element and Grid Renumbering

Sort Mark renumbers Revit® elements just the way you want. Besides detecting and renumbering grids, it can determine swing direction and orientation, add them as properties, recalculate shared coordinates, and more.

  • Time-Saving Work Speed
  • Optimization of work routines
  • Easy to Use
  • Reduction of Errors
  • Saved Settings for future projects

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Sort Mark allows you to auto-sort and renumber graphical, architectural, and structural Revit elements in various ways and add additional information to selected elements. The tool allows you to save specific localized sort and mark configuration settings for use in future projects.


  • Time-Saving Work Speed. When using Revit on a daily basis, Sort Mark allows you to sort hundreds of elements, easily determine swing direction, orientation and shared elevation or coordinates of your doors/windows.
  • Optimization of work routines.
  • Easy to Use. You can sort/renumber grids and elements in the way you want.
  • Reduction of Errors. The Sort Mark tool never misses a thing.
  • Saved Settings for future projects. Allows you to apply consistent element numbering to meet company standards.
mark - CEO and Architect at Agence D. COMPAGNON, France
22 maart 2021
"I found your tools essential. I mainly used the Dynamic Legend tool because, as far as I know, it's the only one allowing the separation Left, Right."
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How to (re)number doors in Revit using SortMark

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